The stay at Pescofalcone hotel is not only a holiday but also an experience made of nature, sport and well-being.

There are variosu activities on offer such as mountain excursions which can be of differents difficulty (from 2 to 8 hours). Outdoor life represent the ideal way to experience a stay surrounded by unspoiled nature which makes our territory one of the most intact and wild of Europe.

The Thermal center of Caramanico have been for centuries the reference point of Abruzzo's thermalism. The still uncontaminated territory, together with the extraordinary properties of the springs, represent the ideal place for those who decide to enjoy a wellness stay

Our staff is available to guide our guests in choosing the activity that best suits everyone's needs, from adults to activities suitable for children.


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Orfento Valley

 It's possible to visit The Orfento Valley directly from the center of the Village. you are sourranded by a nature reserve that boasts a rich biodiversity heritage. 
The path is equipped with several wooden bridges and fences, allows you to explore the deep gorge carved by the river over millions of years thanks to the strong current.
shortly you will arrive on a beautiful panoramic cliff close to the deep gorge carved by the waters of the Orfento river.
From here, a series of narrow steps carved into the rock will lead you to an cross road near to the Orfento river. 
The view here is suggestive: an huge overhanging wall "hangs" over the whole area, the foliage of the trees filters the sunlight which gives the river a characteristic green color, while in April and May the small ones clearings are invaded by wonderful blooms of anemones, primroses and cyclamen.
The path is made even more impressive by a series of wooden bridges, necessary to cross the river that flows thunderous under your feet in several places.


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Excursions in The Majella National Park

Abruzzo offers a series of activities including hiking, naturalistic publishing, environmental education, training, environmental planning, training in the naturalistic tourism and publishing sectors. Passionate and serious professionals since 1994, a guarantee for our territory and for tour operators. They organize classic or snowshoe hikes, of different difficulties, which allow you to discover the most spectacular paths of the Park, among fascinating canyons, woods, hermitages and places of worship together with the most characteristic historical centers and villages of the Park, recalling their stories and traditions.

Not only an outdoor day bat also an authentic experience that allows to know the Majella National Park and its wildlife.


Info and reservations: Majambiente – Tel.+39 085 922343 website: https://www.majambiente.it

Quad tours

Guided tours and activities with quads  in a ecologically sustainable way. Maja Quad accompanies with courtesy and professionalism anyone who wants to live a sensory experience that only the mountain can transmit always considering the respect for the environment, for the territory and for the people who live here. Night safaris will offer unique emotions and sensations.

The service is upon availability. 

Info and reservations:

Website: MajaQuad

Mobile Phone 333 5758556

Horse riding

One of the activities to do for those are visiting Caramanico terme is definitely a horse ride.

an alternative but certainly intense and natural way to discover the beauty of the place.

Walks for beginners, children and for the more expert of varying difficulty. Suggestive routes of different duration, an experience to live.


Activity is available by reservation.

Info and reservations:

Di Monte Stable- mobile +39 3393564383